What We Play

We play a wide variety of instruments all of which are copies of instruments from the early 1600’s. These include the shawm, a loud double reed instrument, ideal for outdoors or large rooms and one of the original instruments of the Waites. The pipe and tabor (drum) is a popular combination for solo dance music. English bagpipes¬† – a more gentle sound than the Scottish pipes we are all so familiar with. Recorders – Renaissance recorders having a more mellow tone than those of the present day and Hurdy-gurdy – always a good talking point. Other instruments included are the curtal, rauschpfeife, crumhorn and, of course, percussion.

We also sing occasionally, though we admit that our voices are more suited to the ale house than the concert hall!

All the music we play is taken from original sources and comes from the time of the Tudors or Stuarts.