Programmes & Talks

We are able to offer programmes for a wide variety of musical and historical contexts.
The music of the Waites provides an ideal backdrop for civic events, festivals, fetes, fayres, dances, weddings, banquets, plays, re-enactments, parades and historic houses.

In addition, we offer programmes for concerts and illustrated talks for historical and musical societies or other interested groups, both formal and informal.

We can play music from a particular period or location and include demonstrations of the instruments played by the Waites. As part of our performance, we can also talk about history of the Waits and give details of the Doncaster Waites in particular.

We have played at “An Evening with Shakespeare” , Sheffield Manor Tudor Day,  the York Mystery plays and at a birthday party for a house! The Waites have also performed a concert of music which would have been familiar to The local Pilgrim Fathers –  before they sailed off to the New World!

Current Programmes include

Mr Mayor’s Music

An introduction to the topping tooters of Doncaster. This includes music demonstrating our various instruments and their histories and the real story of the Doncaster Waites from 1457; an evening of music and history.


A programme of Christmas music and readings, illustrating the history of Christmas and Christmas music and, of course, some audience participation.

Mr Brewster’s Delight

A myth shattering programme of music and readings as banned by those well-known spoilsports, the puritans of the Mayflower, The Pilgrim Fathers.(or was it?)

Programme Development

We are always happy to develop new programmes or amend existing ones to suit your needs. To date the waites have played for concerts, talks, banquets, plays, processions, galas, fetes, “beating the bounds”, re enactments, dances and even a birthday party! So if you would like to discuss your ideas then do please get in touch with us.